We're here with yarn!

It's finally here! Strikke Yarn & Supply has been in the making for awhile now, and we are SO excited to officially be official.

What is Strikke? Strikke (strick-eh) is the Norwegian & Danish word for knit. Which happens here. A lot. Same with crochet. It can't be stopped, also who would want to stop? Not us.  

We aim to bring you environmental, animal, and human friendly products. We take a lot into consideration when we choose our products. You'll find a range of fibers here - wool, alpaca, plant fibers, and even (gasp) a teeny touch of synthetic because people, we all need to have access to yarn. We want to make sure we're fitting a range of budgets, not breaking banks. We want you to feel good because you are doing something you love. So pick what feels right, carve out time to relax, unwind and get cozy. No stress, just a break from it.  

Promises - we'll have some fun, learn about wool together, explore amazing yarn, and friends will be had. Can't wait to knit and/or crochet with you! 


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