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This ultra-fine Rambouillet, from Mitchell Wool Co’s American Fiber line, is like a cloud in your hands. Never super washed, the yarn in this collection has been naturally mordanted to lock in the color as much as possible. Spinning oils from the mill have been removed using plant based laundry soap. Mitchell Wool Co then hand dyes it themselves using sustainably harvested plants, insect shells & food waste. Scroll down for details on each of the hand dyed color ways.  Our best attempt will be made to select complimentary skeins for your project. 


Fiber Content
100% American Rambouillet wool, 18.2 micron

2 ply, woolen spun, Fingering
*Cloud is a single ply merino/ BFL

200 yards/ 182 meters; 50 grams
28 stitches per 4 inches/ US 2- 3 (4.5- 5mm) ; Crochet hook C

Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. Dyed by hand on the farm using sustainably sourced plants, insect shells & food waste. Read more below.

Natural dyes are unique and each skein will vary. Plan on alternating skeins throughout your piece to achieve a subtle blend. 

Do not dry or store in direct sun. Natural dyes soften & fade like your favorite jeans, getting softer in hue with time. This is not a defect, it's nature. 


Colorway Dye Info:

Lamb : Undyed and naturally perfect, it's as close to the bouncing lambs in the field that you can get. A soft cloud white.


Dandelion : Dyed with Marigold plants grown on the farm. The spent dye matter is fed to the pigs and cattle after they’re done using it. That is some safe planet impact!!


Sky : Dyer Cindy has hit the nail on the head achieving the subtle grey undertones that makes a blue absolute perfection. It's raw, grounded and earthy but at the same time crisp and refreshing. Exactly like a bright early June sky. How does that happen? The Jasmine delivers the beauty. The likes of which can only come from nature.



Barn : Dyed on the farm using Madder, which is derived from a root and has been used to dye rich reds since the 16 & 17th century, with found textiles retaining their color hundreds of years later! Originating from the subcontinent of India, Central Asia and Europe. 

 *While not as prevalent as Indigo, madder is a natural dye that CROCKS. What does this mean? Red fingers: Read more here


Piglet : Vibrant hued pink and dyed using cochineal. Which is derived from the shell of a parasitic insect prevalent in India, SouthEast Asia and Nepal. Its use dates back to 250AD. Lac concentrate and iron are used to develop this gorgeous soft blend of light dusky lavender hues.


Tractor : This shade of true green has been a goal of dyers Cindy & Sherry since they started out in this botanical dyeing venture. Green is tough, it doesn't seem like it would be, but obtaining a true Grassy goodness is kind of tricky. There was a lot of dull grey to get to this glorious GREEN. Cindy achieved it with Mulberry and chlorophyll.